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For those who don't want to heat up streets with their own money

Thermoplynth is a stationary heating electric appliance based on tempering. Unlike the conventional convecting heating in tempering the source of heating is soft infrared rays. In nature this heat exudes from a stone warmed up by the sun.

This principle is not new, but due to commercial interests is purposefully neglected. What exactly is tempering? Everything is quite simple though unusual. Walls happen to be the source of heating.At the same time we remove dampness and mould from the walls,improve their heat-insulated properties (coefficient of thermal conductivity can be reduced by a number of times) thus the heat is accumulated.

By the way,nobody pays attention to such a physical phenomenon as evaporating In houses with wet walls liquid evaporates from inner surfaces with intensity of 0.15 l per hour by a square meter.

At 20 degrees Celsius to evaporate one liter of water 800 W of energy is required.so these are the unaccounted loses and one can avoid them by resorting to heating based on tempering. Thermoplynth ETP -1.0/220 is a new innovative development,helping you out to solve a range of issues at reasonable cost.To be more precise,it can not be just a heating device, it should be called a complex containing heating modules,managing block, commutation and fastening elements.different variations differ from each other by heating modules-UHM1g,UHM-2b,UHM-3b (500*130*26 mm)

The appliance is assembled along the periphery of the premise preferably on external walls at the height of 0.3 m from the ceiling. The positioning of the device is determined by its functional appropriateness taking into consideration wishes of customers.

UHM1g for offices and residential premises

UHM-2b - higher durability properties

UHM-3b - designated for the built in heating system. Assembled at the stage of erection or major repairs ( the heating device except for the regulators is virtually invisible) UHM-4b(D300mm\30mm)

In central region of Ukraine we still build and dwell in houses of national folk style.and these are pise buildings made of Adobe (air brick).Such houses despite an array of disadvantages have high exploitation indicators.

To heat up such houses we use stylized clay plates,round heating up modules UNM-4b.they can be adorned with art painting on any thematical and folk art style.

With regular heating pise loses its shape with time and consequently the house is subjected to sliding. But if we keep pise dry( tempering principle) there can't be any sagging and mould.

Control device

Unlike the traditional thermal regulator , control unit that comes along with Thermoplynth is answerable not only for the function of thermal regulation but also for the output of the thermal regulator.Free choice of desirable regime greatly expands exploitation abilities.

Great quality indicator is the fact the control function is carried out without let of hindrance and complies with the strictest European requirements CISPR 14-1:2004, CISPR 14-2:2007 , EN 61000 -3-3:2004, IEC 61000-3-2:2004 including German standards.

The calculation of heating based on tempering

Usually you find the required power from the following calculations 1kW*h by 10 square meters at satisfactory level of heating.

In our case as the practice and theory show sufficient power would be 500 W per hour by 10 square meters.this figure indicates the output of heating system. consequently for the house of 100 square meters it would be sufficient to use 5kW

Using Thermoplynth we have an opportunity to control temperature on the local level in any part of the house at any time.Such an approach allows us to reduce the consumption of energy.consequently even for less than averagely heated house in central part of Ukraine the energy consumption would be between 50 and 150 KW per hour by 10 square meters during the heating season.

In comparison to other heating systems Thermoplynth is two or three times less expensive Those who use Thermoplynth besides obvious economic benefit gets good conditions -no mould and no dampness.

The assembly of heating system

The main requirement of the developers of Thermoplynth is turnkey installation.the reason for that is the fact that without professional equipment and specialists it is impossible to assemble such heating system of exploitation resource of more than 10 years.

Thermoplynth EPT -1.0/220 is not available in retail shops.But you can buy it from and have it assembled by the regional representatives

For more detailed information please contact our specialists!!

Thermoplynth EPT-1.0/220 matches the requirements of IEC 60335-2-30:2004 (IEC 603055-2-30:2002,IDT);

Electromagnetic compatibility CISPR 14-1:2004,CISPR 14-2:2007,, EN 61000 -3-3:2004,IEC 61000-3-2:2004, In compliance with fire regulations (GOST 12.1.004);

Conclusion of epidemiological examination # 05.03.02-07/6767

Declaration of accordance # UA.014.D.00058-14